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Therapy can sometimes feel like another chore you must check off the endless list of to-do’s.  From managing the demands of raising children to balancing obligations at work, attending a weekly therapy session may simply not be feasible.


This is where tele psychology can be an excellent resource.  Through the use of video-conferencing technology, clients can “meet” with their therapist from the convenience of their own home or workplace.   At New Way Psychological Services, we offer this service through our secure,  HIPPA-Compliant, online platform.


  • You can avoid wasting precious time driving across town and sitting in Houston traffic.

  • The specialized care we provide may not be available in your community. Telepsychology makes it possible for you to receive the expert care we offer no matter where you live in Texas.

  • Given the convenience of telepsychology, we can offer much more flexibility in scheduling, including weekend sessions and shorter appointments when indicated.

Telepsychology in Texas

New Way Psychological Services provides mental health services by a licensed therapist to all eligible adults in the State of Texas. During an initial consultation call, your therapist will discuss whether telepsychology is the right choice for you. Telepsychology is best for those that feel comfortable with technology and have a computer, tablet, or smartphone that can support the video teleconferencing bandwidth. While the appointment can be conducted over the phone when the internet is down, to preserve the patient-therapist relationship and the value in seeing each other, sessions are conducted via video.

The treatment techniques used in your video appointment are the same ones that would be used in the office. The only difference is that you will be attending a virtual appointment. The appointment will be face-to-face with your therapist, via video teleconferencing. When you schedule your first appointment through the online portal, you will be emailed a link to use during your appointment. The software used is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.


The video sessions are not recorded and the link provided is for that one appointment. For subsequent appointments you will be given a new link. During the appointment, your therapist will discuss your treatment goals and what to expect with video teleconferencing. Your therapist will also ensure you have a plan for emergencies due to the therapist not being located in your same town. If video services are not working for an appointment, your therapist will contact you via phone to complete the appointment or reschedule.

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