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M. Landers professional photo.jpeg

Mary Landers, LCSW

For those who struggle with depression and anxiety, it can feel like everyone else’s life is much easier. As a person-centered therapist, I strive to assist those who are bogged down with worry and stress to establish how to cope with daily frustrations as well as long term trauma that can create barriers to success. As an eclectic practitioner, I strive to tailor my client’s sessions to who they are as individuals and use a collaborative therapeutic relationship to make the most of this life they are given. I primarily utilize cognitive behavioral therapy with elements of compassion-focused therapy and systems theory to help individuals face the world equipped with confidence. I offer holistic support while maintaining boundaries. I do not offer advice but instead help my clients create their own solutions and focus on processes that work for them. As a licensed social worker for nine years, I bring my experiences to my practice. I specialize in grief work, women’s issues, and have experience working with men, women, and nonbinary individuals from ages 8-100 years old. I enjoy learning from my clients because I believe everyone is an expert in their own life. Please reach out to me if you think I can help.

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